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BYOT a success! Hope is more teachers will use it this year

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Last August, the Thomaston-Upson County School System began a new program called “Bring Your Own Technology” (BYOT), in which students were encouraged to bring their wi-fi capable cell phones, tablets, and laptops to school for use in their classes. Dr. Larry Derico, Assistant Superintendent and Director of Curriculum and Instruction for the school system, said last week that administrators feel the first year of the new program was a success.


Life is full of bumpy roads

Life is messy. The view from the highroad is more scenic, but there are always detours, and I find myself on bumpy roads more than I’d like.One part of doing right is being kind to Mother Nature’s critters. A good example is when I wrote recently about relocating the chicken snake caught in the nest of the henhouse, instead of hacking his head off with a hoe.Oftentimes doing the right thing isn’t cut-and-dried. This past week I caught an opossum (possum...

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Northridge Church seeking to reach the unchurched

There’s a new church in town, Northridge Church of Thomaston, which states their mission is to reach the unchurched of Upson and surrounding counties. RUSH Ministries Founder Rev. Marc Pritchett, former Assistant Minister of Mountain View Baptist Church, felt God was leading him to establish a new church in the community in an effort to reach those who do not already attend church, so he did some research. After surveying the community, rough estimates showed only 13 percent of Upson Co...

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Don’t swing a dull axe

There is an old Irish story about two lumberjacks. One was huge, muscular, and used a big axe. The other was much smaller, but more efficient with each swing of the axe, utilizing a more surgical approach. Each of the men far surpassed all of the other lumberjacks in the area in terms of the amount of land they could clear.Soon a debate began to sweep the countryside. Which lumberjack was the best? There was only one way to settle the matter. The two champion lumberjacks squared of...

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Ethics Committee proposed

Following the Thomaston City Council meeting last Thursday night, those in favor of firing Thomaston Police Officer Philip Tobin gathered on the front steps of the government complex.Several people made suggestions of what residents should do in the future if they are confronted by police, and a couple of people suggested that the city form an Ethics Committee to watch over city departments and make sure employees follow the law.Atlanta attorney Maluwi Mal Davis suggeste...

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Football is just around the corner

The Upson-Lee Knights, Jones County Greyhounds, and Manchester Blue Devils all got a lot better last week. The three teams competed in an 11 vs. 11 mini camp at Matthews Field. This was the first 11 vs. 11 the Knights have been a part of, and it’s something which new head coach Tommy Parks will make a priority each summer.The Knights have participated in many 7 vs. 7 competitions, where two teams will essentially play a passing only game, keeping score with touchdowns. In tho...

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Thoughts on the hubbub around Tobin

The protest and debate over the incident in which Thomaston Police Officer Philip Tobin tasered Kelsey Rockemore is continuing as the city waits for the investigation by the GBI into Tobin’s actions to be completed. The Times has tried to present the events as they have happened, while covering both sides of the issue in what we hope is a fair manner. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have our own opinions on some of the issues. Here are a few of my opinions. They are mine only...

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MaxPreps top 20 over the last decade

High School football is just around the corner, and many media outlets from around the state are already putting out their preseason polls. MaxPreps, which is a staple of high school sports around the country recently released their best 20 High School football programs in Georgia over the last 10 years. They are from all classifications. They are listed below from 20-1 and their record over the last 10 years is also listed. See if you agree…20. Griffin (109-19)19....

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Time to start ‘Back to School’ preparations

Students in the Thomaston-Upson County School System will return to school on Wednesday, August 6, 2014. Before then, the school system is providing information on a variety of topics, from Back to School Orientation and Open House, to school meal prices, to system and school contacts.Bus routes are not available yet, but will be available on the school system and school websites prior to the start of school. Suggested student supply lists for Upson-Lee Pre-K, Upson-Lee South Eleme...

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Lady Knights putting in the work

Wes McCard/The Thomaston TimesEven though rain poured down on Tuesday, and the Lady Knights were not able to get on the softball field, they were able to get in some cuts at the batting cages at the high school. Above, freshman Taylor King takes some hacks off the tee, as Coach Stephen Hammock observes his team. Upson-Lee is preparing for their season opener on August 8 at the Jordan High School Invitational.

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The new paint job

The little white house down the street was old and the paint was peeling. The owner had put on a light green tin roof many years ago, but he had never done much more to fix it up. We were excited when a new family bought it, and they decided to renovate it.One of the first things they wanted to do was to paint the outside. Because the paint on the exterior was worn and ragged, they spent many days scraping and brushing the sides of the house. They then put on the primer. I told my ...

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Yatesville wants its American flag back

If you have the City of Yatesville’s ceremonial American flag, pole and stand, please return it.Mayor Cecil Moncrief advised the City Council at their July 14 meeting that sometime in the last month, someone took the flag, the flag pole, and the stand it sat in from the Senior Center, and has not returned it.“It was here in June because we had it at the Senior Citizens meeting because we always say the Pledge to the flag. But this month it is gone,” Mon...

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Knights look strong against Seminoles

The Upson-Lee Knights football team cannot put on their pads and give or take hits just quite yet, but that doesn’t mean they can’t go out and compete. On Tuesday they took on Thomaston native Shedrick Risper and his Westside-Macon Seminoles in a 7 vs. 7 passing game.

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We need Facetime protocol

I’m sure you have heard of Facetime.Just in case you are even more technologically challenged than I am, Facetime is a fulfillment of the Dick Tracy watch that made phone calls that allowed you to see the person you were talking with. I think the Jetsons had something like that, too.By the way, why aren’t we all zooming around in those flying saucer cars like George Jetson had?But, back to Facetime. It sounds like a great idea. You call somebody on...

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Fighting Wildfires: A view from up front

Editor’s Note: Zack Kephart is a freelance photographer from Macon who has worked for The Thomaston Times in the past. Zack is also a wildfire firefighter during the summer fire season. Those of us in the South see news coverage of the fires out west. But we rarely get a view of what is going on from the people who are actually doing the firefighting. Zack will be writing a weekly blog for The Thomaston Times, so that we can understand what it is like to fight wildfires. Below is hi...

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Building a tradition at Upson-Lee

Coach Perdue has decided to coach at Upson-Lee, but not that Coach Perdue. There have been many changes in the Upson-Lee coaching community over last six months, and one of the new coaches coming into the coaching carousel is the new Upson-Lee volleyball coach Monica Perdue.Coach Perdue comes to Thomaston after last coaching at Shaw High School in Columbus. She is originally from Pine Mountain, where she graduated from Harris County High School. Perdue attended Columbus State Unive...

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‘I can see clearly now…’ with glasses on

A new school year will soon be upon us and bring with it all the anxieties that only school can bring. One anxiety which will likely bring the most stress for students will be the exams they will encounter over the next nine months. While we all know cheating is wrong, it can be tempting to take the easy way out and copy someone else’s answers, especially if you forgot to study the night before. While in school I always tried to do my best on tests and accepted my fate if I did not know...

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The Thomaston Times print edition has a new look

The print edition of The Thomaston Times now features a new look designed to make the newspaper easier to read, more dependable in its layout, and more effective for our advertisers.Even though we live in a digital age, with more people than ever turning to digital platforms to get the news and information they want, we recognize that our print products remain extremely important, both to thousands of readers and to our advertisers.

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