Who wants to be a millionaire?

First Posted: 6:04 am - October 6th, 2015

By Ashley Biles - abiles@civitasmedia.com

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I’ve always dreamed of becoming a millionaire one day, or even better a billionaire. Not only would I have enough money that I could live comfortably, but also enough that I could build my dream home complete with a swimming pool with a slide, overflowing mushroom waterfall and a lazy river for the sunny days when I just want to float around. Not to mention, it would have closets big enough that I never had to swap out my summer and winter clothes, a kitchen with plenty of counter space and a secret passageway that opens by pulling the correct book on a revolving bookcase. As you can tell I’ve put some thought into this.

I’d also have a condo at the beach, so anytime I wanted to put my toes in the water and listen to the waves, I could. I might even have my own personal pilot on call so if I got a hankering for one of my favorite seafood restaurants on the Gulf Coast, I could be there by suppertime.

I’d also make sure to use my newfound fortune to help others in need.

You might be wondering exactly how I plan on acquiring my millions and that is something I have given a lot of thought as well. I have always aspired to one day be an author and perhaps through hard work I may end up with a book that stays at the top of the New York Times Bestseller list for months, and then one day it could get turned into a movie that continues to bring me in lots of money. I’m working on making that become a reality, but since it is not likely to happen overnight, I need a different option.

I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed the other day when a quiz caught my attention. It featured questions from the TV show, “Who Wants to be a Millionaire,” over the years. I always liked playing along with the game show when it was on during primetime years ago and often felt smart for being able to answer the questions correctly. I heard recently that ABC is planning to bring the show back, so I thought I would try out my smarts on the quiz to see if I would have a chance to be a contestant.

Here are some samples of those questions: Which U.S. President (Johnson, Nixon, Carter or Ford) appeared in the television series, “Laugh-In”? Which of the following landlocked countries (Lesotho, Mongolia, Luxembourg, or Burkina Faso) is entirely contained within another country? Which insect (moth, roach, fly or Japanese beetle) shorted out an early supercomputer and inspired the term “computer bug”? Who did artist Grant Wood use as the model for the farmer (traveling salesman, local sheriff, his dentist or his butcher) in his classic painting “American Gothic”?

It is generally thought it is easier to answer the questions when you are not in the hot seat on the show, but out of 15 total questions on the quiz….I answered four correctly. And on two of those I guessed and got lucky. So, perhaps my road to becoming a millionaire will not be as quick as appearing on a game show and I shouldn’t quit my day job just yet. Oh well, one can still dream.

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By Ashley Biles




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