Why Iran should not have the bomb

First Posted: 5:30 am - September 29th, 2015 Updated: 4:32 pm - September 29th, 2015.

By James Studdard - Contributing Columnist

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I noticed in an op-ed piece, the author of which shall go un-named, wherein the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, was accused of so much bluster over the Iranian deal for nuclear disarmament and our gift of 150 billion dollars to their regime. Consider that the Iranians, as evidenced by their leading theocratic newspapers, are already gloating over the deal, especially the money. The really sad part about the deal is that it is all about Obama’s legacy. Prior attempts to protect his legacy have failed, i.e, his health care program was a disaster, and he has proved his ineptness in foreign affairs with his failed attempts to smooze the Palestinians into a peaceful, negotiating frame of mind. And so, in a last ditch effort to shore up his legacy, he gives John Kerry a suitcase stuffed full of money, instructs him to go to Iran and make an offer with the Ahmadinejad regime they can’t refuse. They took the money and, as they say in country music argot “They got the gold mine; we got the shaft.”

To the Israelis, the notion of Iran obtaining the “bomb” is incompatible with the long-term survival of the Israeli state and even of the Jewish people. Consider also, the Russians’ ever helpful assistance to any regime who opposes the U.S. They are covertly doing just that in Iran. Aside, from the obvious reason Israel does not want Iran to get a nuke (Iran’s stated goal to erase Israel from the face of the earth), let us consider other reasons why a nuclear reactor program in Iran should be resisted.

1) The Mullahs (ostensibly high ranking Iranian clerics, but actually a euphemism for Iranian terrorists) have broken ever promise made to the International Energy Agency, to the European Union, and to the United Nations. Even those who feteshize the U.N., must be appalled by this and concomitantly, distrusting.

2) The Revolutionary Guards, who recently raped and shot their way to near absolute power in Iran, are also guardians of the underground weapons program. Would one analogize that to the fox guarding the hen house?

3) Any Hezbollah subversion in Lebanon, or a missile attack on Israel, or any Iranian collusion with the Taliban, or with nihilist forces in Iraq would be very difficult to counter and would probably involve a confrontation of the US with one of the super-power nuclear godfathers.

4) And what if Iran attacked a neighboring Sunni Arab Gulf state, e.g. Bahrain? In fact the Iranian newspapers have hinted at this.

5) Compound all this with the truism (history proves it) that there will never be a settlement of the Israel-Palestine dispute. Palestinians and Iranians are more and more virulent in their saber rattling towards Israel and this jingoistic blustering will only deepen the Jews’ conclusions that any concessions from Palestine or Iran is but a centuries old pipe dream.

The concept of “nonproliferation,” is an old, trite misnomer and has no place in a nuclear world. We need to wake up and smell the uranium.

James Studdard is an attorney, and an occasional contributor to this newspaper and other publications. He may be reached at studlaw2000@yahoo.com.


By James Studdard

Contributing Columnist



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