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Super Bowl LXVIII. I think that means Super Bowl 48! Why do they use Roman Numerals to identify the Super Bowl? I have no real problems with Roman Numerals but how many people do you think can decipher those things? I don’t know who started this trend but, with the NFL obviously changing almost everything else, why not change that too? I like Super Bowl 48 better!

I must admit that I am writing a column about a game that I didn’t watch. Oh, I tuned in several times, but never watched more than a couple of minutes each time. The game was a mismatch and an embarrassment for the NFL. I am not a Broncos fan, but I was hoping that Peyton Manning could get the win. In case you haven’t heard, he didn’t!

The Seattle Seahawks are NFL champions. I have no problem with that except for this Richard Sherman guy, who made a fool out of himself with his ridiculous, boastful interview with Erin Andrews following Seattle’s win over San Francisco in the NFC championship game. I dislike braggarts and this guy really made an idiot out of himself. The media later tried to make us think that he is really a nice guy, but my impression of him will always be what I saw in the interview.He sounded like a thug to me!

And oh yeah, the halftime show. I tuned in one time during this extravagant presentation and watched for a few minutes. I don’t know who this Bruno Mars is and honestly, I don’t really care if I never figure it out. I have heard of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but had never seen them perform, if that’s what you call it. I never understood a word that was said during this spectacle of noise, vibration, and fireworks. I know that I am out of the loop when it comes to today’s music and entertainment, but jeez, what is this all about? The part of the halftime show that I saw was absolutely terrible!

I didn’t see any of the Super Bowl commercials. These things have developed a life of their own. I did see a video of the much debated Coca Cola commercial where “America the Beautiful” was sung in several different languages. Coca Cola has stated that it was meant to promote multiculturalism. Is the Super Bowl a good place for multiculturalism? America’s Brand has created a bit of a fire-storm with this commercial, as many folks feel that this song should be sung in English only.

It looks to me like Coke would have been better served to try something like they did in 1971 when a group of multicultural teenagers gathered on a hilltop outside of Rome, Italy and sung “I’d Like To Teach the World to Sing.” All the teens sung the song in English and it became an instant hit and a classic. This latest attempt by Coke seems to be a gigantic failure. Let’s face it, Americans want to hear the English language. From everyone!

So as you can see I wasn’t impressed with Super Bowl LXVIII. The game was a blowout, the halftime show was boisterous and tattoo-laden, and most of the commercials were disappointing. And with all of this, I hear that it was the most watched show in television history. Go figure! And how do they determine this anyway? No one ever calls me to ask what I’m watching.

This event is significantly over-hyped every year. These sports analysts sit around a table for two weeks and break this game down to the minutest points. It’s tiring, boring, and annoying. And these guys get paid good money to do this. They don’t know any more than you and I do. Over-hyped! Over-hyped! Over-hyped! I like football but no game can live up to this buildup.

Where’s the World Series?

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