Lamar deputies have their hands full with naked man on acid

First Posted: 3:48 pm - October 28th, 2015

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Lamar County Sheriff’s Deputies had their hands full trying to handle a naked man high on acid. According to an incident report by Deputy Maria Gebelein, on October 17 she and Sergeant Brett Newman responded to Silver Dollar Road in reference to a white male running on the road naked. When they arrived, a person waved them down and said she had seen the man laying in the parking lot of the Apostolic Church. While driving to the church, Dep. Gebelein saw the white male run across the parking lot and down into a ditch in front of her car. She ordered him to stop and handcuffed him.

Sgt. Newman identified the man as Anthony Kole Stegall. He allegedly said he had taken two hits of acid earlier in the day. Dep. Gebelein placed Stegall in the back seat of her patrol car, and while they were searching the area for his clothing, heard a loud pounding noise coming from her unit. Stegall was slamming his head against the plexi-glass cage.

Gebelein and Newman opened the back door to try to put a seatbelt on Stegall and the man kicked at them with his legs and get out of the car. Newman pushed him back in the car and Gebelein went to the other side to pull him back into the car. Stegall continued to kick at Newman and tried to head strike Gebelein with the back of his head. She drive stunned him, and he complied initially, but started kicking and trying to bite Newman. Gebelein drive stunned him again, and he complied and they were able to restrain him with the seatbelt.

Stegall was transported to the Lamar County Jail, where an ambulance was called and he was taken to Spalding County Hospital. He has been charged with Public Indecency, Disorderly Conduct, and Simple Battery.

Citation vs Arrest

Cooperating with the police can pay off, as a Florida driver on I-75 found out. According to a report by Lamar County Sergeant Brett Newman, he was monitoring traffic on I-75 on October 14 when a white vehicle with heavily tinted windows passed his location. He pulled out, turned on his emergency lights, and stopped the vehicle.

He approached the vehicle on the passenger side, and when the window was rolled down, could smell raw marijuana coming from the vehicle. There were three people inside. The driver, identified as Timothy Burnham, was from Florida, He said they were going to Marietta to visit some people.

Sgt, Newman had Burnham step out and to the back of the car. Burnham said the car belonged to the male passenger in the backseat. The female passenger in the front seat was the male passenger’s girlfriend. Newman had her get the registration for him, and called for assistance. He ran Burnham’s license and the registration through GCIC and both came back valid and Burnham was not wanted.

Sgt. Newman asked Burnham how much marijuana was in the vehicle, and he said not much. He asked him where it was located, and he said it was in the glove box. The officers had the passengers exit the vehicle and performed a probable cause search. Newman located a clear plastic bag contained suspected marijuana in the glove box.

Newman said in his report that due to Burnham’s honesty, he decided to release him on a citation, rather than booking him in jail. He issued Burnham a citation for Possession of Marijuana, Less than an Ounce, and also gave him a warning for the window tint, then released everyone and the vehicle.

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