Ethics Committee proposed

By Shirley Russell

July 29, 2014

Following the Thomaston City Council meeting last Thursday night, those in favor of firing Thomaston Police Officer Philip Tobin gathered on the front steps of the government complex.

Several people made suggestions of what residents should do in the future if they are confronted by police, and a couple of people suggested that the city form an Ethics Committee to watch over city departments and make sure employees follow the law.

Atlanta attorney Maluwi Mal Davis suggested residents come to a seminar he is having on August 2, 2014 at 11 a.m. at St. Mary’s AME Church called a “Know Your Rights Seminar.”

“If you are arrested you do not deserve to be treated wrong and you have rights even as an arrestee,” Davis said. “We want to teach you those rights if you are driving, walking, or in your home. They are not suppose to abuse, they are not suppose to taser you, they not suppose to beat you, they are suppose to respect your human rights!”

Kenneth Character suggested an ethics committee be established for further complaints and investigations like the one being conducted on Officer Tobin. A second unidentified man agreed with Character.

“This incident alone has brought the issue to the City and we will not be faced with an issue like this again,” said the man. “Start an ethics committee with people that are well-educated, and can look into these matters with objectivity. This is not a subjective matter like it is being treated as one. Let us move forward by firing Tobin and moving on with our city doing their job!”

Rhonda Lynn Traylor, President of the Thomaston Improvement Association (TIA) questioned whether Thomaston officers are trained or certified to use a taser on anyone.

Traylor thanked everyone for their participation and said there will be a follow-up letter to the city.