Perdue wins Republican runoff for Senate

By Larry Stanford

July 25, 2014

Primary election run-offs in Georgia were held Tuesday, and of the three races that Upson County voters had a say in, only one of the three candidates chosen by Upson County was also chosen statewide.

The biggest race on the Republican ballot was for the U. S. Senate Seat, to replace the retiring Saxby Chambliss. Businessman David Perdue led in the May 20 Primary Election, with Congressman Jack Kingston of Savannah a close second. That was also how they finished up in the run-off Tuesday. In Upson County, Perdue had 898 votes to 541 for Kingston. Perdue won with 62 percent of the vote. Statewide, the race was much tighter, with Perdue squeaking by with 50.88 percent of the votes, with 245,725 votes, to Kingston’s 49.12 percent, or 237,192 votes. Perdue mainly won in the north and middle western counties, while Kingston controlled the south and some middle eastern counties.

Perdue will face Democrat Michelle Nunn in November for the U. S. Senate seat. Nunn easily won her May Primary election.

The only other race on the Republican ballot in Upson County was for State School Superintendent. In the May Primary, Richard Woods was the winner in Upson County over Michael Buck, but Buck finished first statewide, with Woods challenging him in the run-off. Tuesday night, Upson County shifted to Buck, who collected six more votes than Woods locally 645 to 639. Statewide it was just as close, but in the opposite direction, with Woods receiving 727 more votes than Buck, 199,259 to 198,532.

The only race on the Democrat ballot in Upson County was also for State School Superintendent. In the May Primary, Valerie Wilson led in both Upson and the state, with Alisha Morgan the closest competitor. But Tuesday night, Upson switched to Morgan, giving her 119 votes to Wilson’s 95. However, Wilson won statewide, collecting 73,590 votes to Morgan’s 61,726 votes.

Richard Woods will face Valerie Morgan in November in the race for State School Superintendent.