May 29, 2014

Editor’s Note: With Saturday, March 31, 2014 being the last day of business after 60+ years for Noell’s Dress Shop on the square in Thomaston, it was requested that the following poem be printed in honor. It was written in March 2004 by Ruth Presley.

Once upon a time… In a sweet southern town

there was a ladies shop of great renown.

It’s founder, Eunice Noell, by name

is the one who brought it prestigious fame.

The word quickly spread both far and wide

“Noell’s” is the place you purchase with pride.

She filled it with clothes that appealed to all

we were “best dressed” Spring, Winter, Summer and Fall.

Sweaters and suits for work and play

shorts, pants and tee shirts for a lazy day.

The years slipped by, as older we grew

a young Noell daughter joined the crew.

Ellene knew us all, our needs and choices

even recognized us on the phone, by our voices.

When our dollars were sparse and budgets tight

she said “pay later” you’ll do what is right.

The rest of the team changed through the years

even so, they were all truly “dears.”

Remembering with love the name of each face,

a gallery of friends that dressed us with grace.

They shared our lives whether up or down

these ladies made Thomaston a better town.

So, thank you Ellene for years of shopping pleasure

You have made Noell’s a hometown treasure.