Skateboarders ask City Council to repeal helmet rule at skate park

By Larry Stanford

April 11, 2014

Some local skateboard enthusiasts got what may have been their first taste of using their rights as citizens when they came before the Thomaston City Council on April 1, 2014 with a request to remove the helmet requirement from usage of the skate park at the Civic Center.

Adam Crummie and a group of his friends and fellow skateboarders brought a petition to the meeting, seeking relief from the helmet rule at the park. Crummie presented the issue during the public comment portion of the meeting.

“I got a petition signed by people 18 and over, and by a bunch of my teachers,” he said. “Is there any way we can get the helmet rule changed to skating at your own risk, as compared to skating in town and supposedly damaging property? Because not everyone who actually skateboards can afford to go out and buy a $35 helmet. “

Mayor Hays Arnold and City Attorney Joel Bentley agreed that the issue was one that would need to be brought up to the Recreation Department, not the city.

“If the skate park is managed by the Recreation Department, then the proper forum would be to work with Ms. Daniel and see if the Recreation Commission could address that for you,” Bentley said. “The city built the skate park, but it is managed by the Recreation Department, and I would call Ms. Mindy Daniel. She’s the head of that.”

Mayor Arnold noted that prior to the skate park being built, there wasn’t a place for skate boarders.

“The city actually funded 100 percent of the cost of the skate park, because there was no place prior to that for you individuals that enjoy skate boarding to go, so we did that,” Arnold said. “But it came under the management auspices of the Recreation Department.”

In other business, City Clerk Dennis Truitt advised the council that the city’s summer maximum water usage for billing sewer for residential customers went into effect April 1 and will continue through September.

“The summer maximum water usage for billing sewer charges is 20,000 gallons per month,” Truitt said. “The maximum sewer charge for the period of April through September will not exceed $95.50 per month. That is calculated using the $4.45 sewer charge per 1,000 gallons, times the 20,000 gallons, plus the $6.50 base charge.”

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