Make Thomaston Shine begins Saturday with yard sale

By Larry Stanford

April 4, 2014

The 11th Annual Make Thomaston Shine begins this Saturday, April 5, with the Thomaston Spring Cleaning Yard Sale at the Greatest Generation Memorial Park. It continues the following Saturday, April 12, with the annual Clean up Day, where residents and city workers make Thomaston shine by cleaning up yards and picking up trash and debris. On Saturday, April 19, the festivities will continue with the free Easter Egg Hunt at the Greatest Generation Memorial Park.

At the April 1 meeting of the Thomaston City Council, Council member Patsy Perdue, the chairperson for Make Thomaston Shine, said in conjunction with Georgia Cities Week, which is April 12-19, there will be a special ‘egg hunt’ in the city for prizes.

“Usually we have a trivia contest or a scavenger hunt,” Perdue said, “but since it is before Easter, we’re going to have an egg hunt.”

In the city utility bills that recently went out was a flyer announcing Make Thomaston Shine. Perdue said residents need to hang onto the flyer, since it also has clues for the special egg hunt, which will be held on April 14-18. Perdue read part of the flyer dealing with the egg hunt.

“The pictures (on the flyer) hold some of the clues.

• Eggs are hidden in different ways, you must know the purpose to find the correct days.

• Word for the day is part of the clue; if you don’t know the word, people can’t help you.

• Only one egg can be found each day and you must go in order, there is no other way.

“What is going to happen is you need to listen to Fun 101.1 for the clues each day,” Perdue added. “They will start reading the clues and give the word for the day. You have to find them in order. You may be able to look at the pictures and figure out where there might be an egg, but listen to the clues, because sometimes they might be a little tricky and they’re not where you think they’re going to be. I think it is going to be fun; we’ll try it and see what happens.”

Perdue also thanked everyone involved in Make Thomaston Shine.

“There are a whole lot of folks involved in Make Thomaston Shine this year. We had a great planning meeting, and I’d just like to thank everybody that is involved.”

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