ULMS dominates Crawford and Monroe in first track meet

By Wes McCard

March 15, 2014

The Upson-Lee Knights and Lady Knights both earned victories over Monroe County and Crawford County in their first track meet of the year. Here are the ULMS final results from the meet:


Team Scores-

Upson-Lee: 73

Monroe Co: 37

Crawford Co: 23

Shot Put-

1st- Jaydah Barron: 25’9”

2nd- Siera Avery: 22’8”


1st- Andrea Fortner: 67’

2nd- Eden Murchison: 62’3”

Long Jump-

2nd- Lanier Williams: 13’1”

3rd- Shy’Kemmia Traylor: 12’4”

High Jump-

1st- Lanier Williams: 4’6”

4th- Shy’Kemmia Traylor: 4’

100m Hurdles-

1st- Dheygynay Middlebrooks: 19.76

2nd- Yasia Gray: 20.43


1st- Shaterrica Lockhart: 32.31

4th- Mary-Masdon McCrary: 34.36


1st- Jamiya Kendall: 1:13.16


2nd- Jamiya Kendall: 3:27

4th- Zakiya Davenport: 3:52


1st- Zowie Curry: 14:57

2nd- Sarah Harrell: 16:06

3rd- Sarah Mast: 17:02

4x100m Relay-

2nd- UL#2: 57.01

3rd- UL#3: 57.31

4x400m Relay-

3rd- UL#1: 5:54

4th- UL#2: 5:58


Team Scores-

Upson-Lee: 70

Crawford Co: 35

Monroe Co: 22

Shot Put-

2nd- Jayden Barron: 34’3”

3rd- Kavious Zorn: 31’5”


1st- Jayden Barron: 95’7”

4th- Ziquan Brown: 81’10”

High Jump-

1st- Tavis Fagan: 5’2”

2nd- Ashton Reveire: 5’

Long Jump-

1st- Ashton Reviere: 14’9.5”

2nd- Ridge O’Neal: 14’9”

110m Hurdles-

4th- Ty Montfort: 20.75


1st- Ashton Reviere: 27.44

2nd- Ridge O’Neal: 28.73


2nd- Kenny Richardson: 59.90

3rd- Ashton Reviere: 1:00.97


1st- Ridge O’Neal: 2:43

3rd- Jacob Blankeship: 2:53


1st- Jordan Massey: 13:00

2nd- David Draime: 13:32

3rd- Chris Newman: 14:15

4x100m Relay-

1st- UL#1: 50.53

3rd- UL#2: 52.29

4x400m Relay-

1st- UL#1: 4:28

2nd- UL#2: 4:40