Ice storm update: EMA urging people to stay off the roadways tomorrow if at all possible

February 11, 2014

Upson County Emergency Management Agency Director Martha Ann McCarty issued the following release at 10 p.m.:

The ice is coming. Look for rain/sleet to continue off/on through the night, and develop into rain/freezing rain/sleet nearing midday. This will change to snow as we go through the overnight hours. Thursday morning will clear out rapidly, but there will still be some patches of black ice to contend with on the roads.

The biggest ‘monkey wrench’ will be the winds. Winds will be brisk, with some gusts up to 35 mph. These pine trees of ours cannot withstand an accumulation of ice and a stiff breeze. That is what will cause us headaches as limbs break and fall against power lines or trees fall due to the weight of the ice.

I have spoken with Commission Chairman Rusty Blackston and he is preparing to declare a local state of emergency that will coincide with Gov. Deal’s declaration. This will enact specific emergency management ordinances that temporarily bypasses other ordinances regarding use of county resources in times of disaster.

If you have not prepared for this coming ice storm, you have almost waited too long. Get what you need to survive for a minimum of 72 hours. If power outages occur, it could take longer than 72 hours to restore power. Make plans now on how you and your family will cope with this.

If emergency shelters are needed, we have already spoken with Red Cross and with local volunteers to be ready to deploy shelter operations into action as the need arises.

As the day progresses Wednesday, if you do not have an emergency, DO NOT get out on the roadways. Stay at home. Kids are going to want to play in the wintry mix. Ensure that they are not playing in areas where trees/limbs could fall and injure them or where power lines may be down.

Updates will be posted as they become available.