Penny ponders: That darn cat!

By Penny Cliff Guest Columnist

February 10, 2014

Two times in one day that darn cat escaped out of the front door. You see, Sally Cat is an inside cat, or she is supposed to be an inside cat. She just doesn’t go along with that designation. Sally Cat has been SPOILED by her “daddy,” my husband Bill. He loves this cat and takes her outside in his arms so she can enjoy the outside world along with the free roaming dogs in our fenced in back yard. She cries at the door when Bill is outside. So, of course, when Sally cries, her “daddy” gives in and takes her outside. I, on the other hand, don’t. She knows it, and that’s why he is her favorite person. Sally Cat has decided that she likes the outside world, and not just from the arms of her “person.” She now has a craftily orchestrated cat plan to escape to this much bigger world.

She waits and watches. She knows when we are getting ready to leave. Her plan is put into action. She has learned that if she hangs around next to the door in plain sight, she will be unceremoniously picked up and taken to another room. She’s figured that one out. Now, whenever the front door is opened, she is hidden behind the Lazy Boy chair next to the window. (We found this out today.) On this particular escape plan, she was careful not to let so much as a paw peek out. Then, as soon as the door was opened, when our daughter was leaving for school, she darted out, a veritable flash of shiny black fur, faster than a speeding bullet.

I, being less worried, figured she would come back when she was hungry (she has before). But “Daddy” wasn’t having any of it. I knew that I’d be in the “cat house” if I didn’t stay around and try to find her. So, with the rain destroying any semblance of curl I had put in my hair, I looked for that “rotten cat.” I really don’t think she is a rotten cat and I love her as well. But at that particular time, with her peeking out of our neighbor’s bushes and darting away as soon as we got close, she was, to me, a rotten cat. That cat seemed to love me getting my work clothes crinkled and wrinkled and wet. I saw it in the eyes! And, as soon as I caught her (she was distracted by my husband and I nabbed her), I gave Bill that darn cat. She was none too pleased and yowled at me.

You think that we learned our lesson. You’d think! Later that same day, we were hurrying out the door to go to an appointment in Macon. We had some time to spare, so we wouldn’t be rushed. Well, you can guess what happened. Sally Cat did it again. Same hiding place. So, off with the chase. Bill runs after her. I don’t think that works with this sneaky cat. She likes that. I nonchalantly walk past her: “No, I’m not after you; not interested in you at all.” When she was distracted by the team of Bill and our daughter, “Gottcha!” So, in she goes into the house; we made sure she wouldn’t run back out. In our hurry to get Sally, we’d left a crack in the door. We started to lock up when we heard barking. There were our two dogs in a neighbor’s yard, obviously they had nosed the crack open, and were visiting a new doggy buddy. No!

Dog Cocoa stopped at daughter Nikki’s firm command. The other dog, Judgie, ignored me with his happy-go-lucky attitude. “Stop? What does stop mean?” Luckily, he was barely trotting along and easy for Bill to grab.

We got to our appointment with 15 minutes to spare. All animals were in the house when we got back. I’m moving that Lazy Boy chair away from the wall. But I have a feeling Sally Cat will find another hiding place and the chase will be on again.