Readers’ photos from the first snow fall of 2014

February 5, 2014

This young girl finds her trampoline covered in snow.

Fay Woodall Cleveland sent in this beautiful night shot of the yard, fence, storage building and light.

Barbara Duffee Presley sent this view from their deck on Hagan’s Mountain.

Shea Simoneaux Bailey took this shot of 7-year-old Isabel, 18-month-old Claire, and 10-year-old Madison.

Mom Christy and daughters Katelyne and Megan Johnson take a break from riding in the snow.

Katelyn Johnson, the daughter of Shaun and Christy Johnson, makes a snow angel.

Niki Cliff, daughter of Bill and Penny Cliff, stands with her sled at the bottom of the First Presbyterian Church hill, a popular spot for people to slide down the snow on.

Niki Cliff taking her turn to slide down the hill at First Presbyterian.

Bill Cliff rescues Sally Cat after she ran out the front door at the Cliff house and decided she doesn’t like snow.

Niki and Bill Cliff disappear into the falling snow, leaving just a set of footprints behind to show where they had been.