Drivers, workers out Wednesday, but few kids to be seen

January 29, 2014

Larry Stanford|The Thomaston Times

The statue and magnolia tree at the corner of the Upson County Courthouse retain their snow, although the ground under the tree is starting to change back from white to brown.

At 10:30 a.m. Wednesday morning, there were not too many people out walking. The gentleman heading south on Center Street (right) uses a guard rail at a local car lot to help him walk on the icy sidewalk. Further on, walking north, a young lady has a more confident stride.

There was a fair amount of traffic on Highway 19 and the side streets Wednesday morning. Some cars were mixed in, but most vehicles were four-wheel-drives like this snow and ice-covered Jeep.

It could be said that the records housed in the Thomaston-Upson County Archives are frozen in time. Wednesday morning, the Archives building was frozen in snow.

Outside the front entrance to the closed R. E. Lee Government Complex, a sign promoting TUAC’s summer play last August causes passersby to remember that while Thomaston may look and feel like Alaska now, in a few short months summertime and warm temperatures will be back upon us.

The playground at the Upson-Lee Pre-K is a snowy, frozen delight.

Four Thomaston-Upson County School System buses sit covered in snow in the parking lot of Upson-Lee Pre-K. Thanks to the forethought of School Superintendent Dr. Maggie Shook, schools were closed on Tuesday and Wednesday and kids were snug and warm in their homes, unlike our neighbors to the north, where Atlanta Public Schools were open Tuesday and kids were stranded at schools or in stuck schoolbuses on icy Atlanta streets. Upson County schools were closed again on Thursday.

Times photographer Larry Stanford walked around town and down to Weaver Park Wednesday morning about 10:30 a.m., expecting to find children out playing in the snow and building snowmen. But parents kept their children inside and there was not a snowman to be seen, leaving places like Weaver Park serene and untouched.

This slide at Weaver Park stands blanketed in snow but ready for play.

Two sets of steps leading up to slides at Weaver Park take on an artistic quality as the snow covers them.

A collar-less dog, looking lonely and cold, sits in the middle of East Gordon Street near Weaver Park. We hope it finds its way home before tonight.

Donna won’t have to worry about anyone mowing or weed-eating her newly planted sod anytime soon.

Emergency and law enforcement personnel were kept busy handling several serious accidents brought on by the weather conditions. A Mid-Georgia Ambulance can be seen headed to Upson Regional Medical Center from an accident out on Highway 74.

A Thomaston Public Works employee throws a sand and salt mixture down on the road at the intersection of Gordon Street and South Center Street. City workers were busy Tuesday night and Wednesday, trying to keep the intersections and side streets covered to prevent vehicles from slipping on the ice.

Mickey Thrasher reads the latest news at Fun 101.1 FM WTGA. Thrasher said he came into work about 2 a.m. Wednesday morning and has been working steadily ever since, answering phone calls and updating listeners with the latest on the weather, road conditions, and closings.