Upson-Lee set to play in Region 2 next season

Wes McCard Sports Editor

December 10, 2013

On Tuesday morning the GHSA reclassification committee placed every high school which plays in the association in their regions for the next two years. Some schools knew already where they would be and have been for years, while others like Upson-Lee, which have been moved seemingly every two years, had no clue where they would spend the next two atheltic seasons. After the dust had settled, the Knights fell into Region 2 in AAAA.

In the Knights’ new region, they will see Mary Persons (Forsyth), Howard (Macon), Perry, Veterans (Warner Robins), Baldwin (Milledgeville), and West Laurens (Dublin area). Gone from Region 2 are Westside-Macon and Rutland, which both moved to AAA. The Knights being placed into Region 2 did not come as a surprise to many in attendance, but what did surprise nearly everyone, was the absence of Pike County. The Pirates were bumped up to AAAA just weeks ago when the new enrollment numbers came out, and since Upson-Lee and Pike County are so close in proximity, it was just figured that UL and Pike County would be placed together. So where did the Pirates land? In a region with Griffin and Spalding?

The answer is no. The Pirates were placed into Region 5 with Troup County, Carrollton, Sandy Creek, Whitewater, Fayette County, Grady, and Woodward Academy, a complete shocker to nearly everyone in attendance. The Pirates will have until Dec. 13 to appeal the decision, and those “in the know” believe the Pirates will have their appeal approved and be placed into the Knights’ new region, making Region 2 an eight-team region. On a side note, Upson-Lee will no longer see Griffin, Spalding, or any of the Clayton and Henry County schools. They have been kept in Region 4, which will consist of Griffin, Spalding, Jonesboro, Mt. Zion, Riverdale, North Clayton, Locust Grove, Eagles Landing, Henry County, and Hampton (new school). Old Region 4 teams Stockbridge, Dutchtown, and Woodland have been bumped up to AAAAA.

Look in Tuesday’s edition of The Times for the new regions of all the schools which surround the Upson County area. I have broken down what the Knights and Lady Knights can expect to see in some of the sports in their new region. Here is a breakdown of some information I have gathered:

Football- 2013

Baldwin: 3-7

Howard: 2-8

Mary Persons: 10-2, lost in 2nd rd of playoffs 20-0 to Burke Co.

Perry: 3-7

Upson-Lee 4-6

Veterans: 8-4, lost in 2nd rd of playoffs 20-17 to Wayne Co.

West Laurens: 3-7

Basketball (Boys)- 2012-13

Baldwin: 14-13, lost in 1st rd of playoffs 51-39 to Statesboro

Howard: 6-20

Mary Persons: 3-21

Perry: 20-10, lost in 2nd rd of playoffs 86-50 to Eagles Landing

Upson-Lee: 13-14

Veterans: 11-8

West Laurens: 5-15

Basketball (Girls)- 2012-13

Baldwin: 14-8, lost in 1st rd of playoffs 58-33 to Cross Creek

Howard: 20-8, lost in Elite Eight 51-39 to Jonesboro

Mary Persons: 19-3, lost in Final Four 49-23 to Sandy Creek

Perry: 4-22

Upson-Lee: 8-18

Veterans: 12-14

West Laurens: 17-7

Baseball- 2013

Baldwin: 4-17

Howard: 16-9, lost in 1st rd of playoffs to South Effingham

Mary Persons: 14-16, lost in Elite Eight to Locust Grove

Perry: 9-16

Upson-Lee: 10-16

Veterans: 27-5 lost in Elite Eight to Troup County

West Laurens: 18-10, lost in 1st rd of playoffs to Statesboro

Softball- 2013

Baldwin: 1-14

Howard: 14-15

Mary Persons: 10-12

Perry: 20-20, lost in Eltie Eight to Madison County

Upson-Lee: 10-9

Veterans: 27-9-1, lost in 2nd rd of playoffs to Wayne County

West Laurens: 18-14, lost in 1st rd of playoffs to Woodland

Soccer (Boys)- 2013

Baldwin: 5-12

Howard: 8-8-1, lost in 2nd rd of playoffs 1-0 to Dutchtown

Mary Persons: 16-3, lost in Elite Eight 5-1 to NW Whitfield

Perry: 11-7-1, lost in 2nd rd of playoffs 2-0 to Spalding

Upson-Lee: 13-5-1, lost in 2nd rd of playoffs 3-0 to Mary Persons

Veterans: 14-2-2, lost in 2nd rd of playoffs 2-0 to Jonesboro

West Laurens: 7-5

Soccer (Girls)- 2013

Baldwin: 1-13-2

Howard: 10-8, lost in 2nd rd of playoffs 2-1 to Cairo

Mary Persons: 6-8-1

Perry: 8-8-1

Upson-Lee: 14-5, lost in 2nd rd of playoffs 4-1 to Wayne County

Veterans: 15-4-1, lost in Final Four 1-0 to Columbus

West Laurens: 5-7-2