Lights… Camera… Smoke and Fire!

October 15, 2013

Ashley Biles|The Thomaston Times

With black smoke billowing into the morning sky Monday, at times it appeared that part of Martha Mills was on fire (upper photo). But the fire and smoke was controlled and turned on and off as film makers needed it. Filming continues at the old Martha Mill for what is rumored to be the second sequel to the Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. The Upson County Chamber of Commerce, as well as the publicity office for Lionsgate films, could not confirm as to whether or not that is actually the movie being filmed, however, all signs point to it being true. In the lower photo, a parking lot full of cars might have reminded old mill workers of the days when the mill was in operation, but in this case, the cars were those of movie workers, not mill workers. Filming for the third movie in the franchise has been taking place all around the state of Georgia, including LaGrange, Dawsonville, Amicalola Falls State Park and Sweetwater Creek State Park.