Respect film makers’ privacy, urges Chamber President

Lori Showalter Smith President Thomaston-Upson Chamber of Commerce

October 8, 2013

Yes, Upson County is a Camera Ready Community and yes, hopefully we will see more films come to our area, but of course, that all depends on our residents of this community. The main reason filming is kept a secret is that the directors and producers do NOT want crowds of people trying to take photos and posting them to Facebook or to any other types of media outlets, let’s not forget, films are very expensive to make and if there are a lot of people surrounding the filming area, snapping photos, talking, driving by, etc. they cannot make their film and will be forced to shoot, and reshoot until they can get it right, which will cost them more money and they will not be happy about that.

Is it exciting that a series and a movie are being or have been shot here in Upson County? Certainly!

We have been a Camera Ready Community since 2007 and have finally landed a few things here, but my job is to make sure that film crews and scouts come back to Upson County.

So it’s great that a lot of you on Facebook know that a film is being shot here in the community, but be respectful!

If you do not, we may not be so lucky to have a major film or series shooting in our communty again. Producers, scouts and film crews all talk to each other about where they film and if the crews that are here currently have a negative experience, they will make sure that other movie producers know about it and they will not be back.

So I ask you, do you want other films to be shot here in Upson County?

If so, please be very respectful of the film crew, their staff and of their time. Although we are very thrilled about what is taking place in our community, I am not at liberty to discuss any other details, but all of the information about the film will be released once the film crew are finished filming in Upson County.

I’m very glad for positive news in our community and if you want to know how to make a difference in having more films to return to Upson, please re-read the information above.