Two survive small plane crash in Thomaston

Larry Stanford Editor

September 30, 2013

“Very fortunate,” is how Upson County Sheriff Dan Kilgore describes a couple from McDonough who escaped serious injury when their 73-year-old airplane crashed just off Logtown Road early Monday afternoon. The 59-year-old male pilot has visible minor injuries and was transported to Upson Regional Medical Center for treatment, and the 39-year-old female passenger had no visible signs of injury.

According to Sheriff Kilgore, the couple, who have not been identified, were flying from Dog Island, Florida. located 3 and a half miles offshore of Carrabelle in northwest Florida, to Seven Lakes Airport in Jackson, Ga., when their 1941 Aeronica Chief ran out of fuel and crashed into a stand of pine trees just off of Logtown Road near Highway 19. They were able to exit the plane and use a cell phone to call for assistance.

While the couple escaped serious injury, their aircraft did not. The Aeronica Chief was a side-by-side two-seater propeller plane that was popular as a touring aircraft and trainer. The United States Army Air Force used a version of it in World War II as a trainer, called the L-16. This Aeronica Chief was damaged considerably in the crash.

Sheriff Kilgore said at the scene Monday afternoon that they were waiting on investigators from the FAA in Atlanta to arrive to inspect the crash site.