Man claims he shot himself then threw the gun away

Sheila Mathews Staff Writer

September 24, 2013

A Thomaston man, 23-year-old Kevin Jermaine Jones, of 1864 Gilbert St., is recovering from what he alleges was a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his foot.

Sgt. Neill Sanders, of the Upson County Sheriff’s Office, was responding to a 911 call that reported the gunshot wound, but while en route to Jones residence, was notified that the victim was being transported by private vehicle to the emergency room of Upson Regional Medical Center. Upon his arrival, Sanders learned that Jones had not yet arrived at the ER, so he made his way to Gilbert Street.

Arriving at Jones’ home, which is located on the corner of Gilbert and Butler streets, Sanders made contact with Officer Mark Poore of the Thomaston Police Department, who had also responded to assist with the call.

“When I arrived, Officer Poore was talking with two black males in front of the residence. I recognized the black males as Randy Shun Quiller and Santonio Thomas,” Sanders reported. “I joined Officer Poore and asked Quiller and Thomas what had happened. Both responded by saying that ‘he’ shot himself, but they did not know what happened.”

According to Sanders’ report, Quiller said he heard Jones yelling and found him lying in the street, and Thomas claimed he was inside the house when he heard the gunshot. Thomas also told Sanders and Poore that when he went outside, he learned Jones had shot himself in the foot.

“Both Quiller and Thomas were very evasive with their answers and both seemed very eager to leave the scene,” Sanders said.

Jones’ mother, Maria Slaton, was also on scene, but she also reported being inside, and only going outside after hearing the gunshot.

Before returning to the ER, Sanders investigated the area, locating approximately 12 to 18 blood spots on the asphalt on the Butler Street side of the residence and around the driveway.

“I searched the area around the residence, but could not locate a gun,” Sanders said.

Upon his return to the URMC emergency room, Sanders met with Jones, who also alleged he shot himself.

“Jones said that he accidentally shot himself with a revolver, but he did not know the make or caliber. Jones said that he threw the gun into the bushes at an abandoned house next door to his,” Sanders said. “I asked Jones if either Quiller or Thomas had shot him. Jones insisted he shot himself. Jones initially stated that he shot himself while playing with the gun, but when I questioned him about the involvement of Quiller and Thomas, Jones said that they ‘had words,’ but continued to insist that he shot himself.”

Sanders later received photographs of Jones injury from hospital security staff which indicated the gunshot appeared to have entered the top of Jones’ big toe near the point where it connects to the foot before exiting the bottom of the toe.

Emergency room medical staff reported that the gunshot wound shattered the bones in Jones’ toe, but were uncertain the extent of medical care the wound would require.