It’s not too late to reclaim hope

Jim Nobles Guest Columnist

August 24, 2013

The American Dream has become the political “stick” of the GOP. According to Republicans, everyone has the same opportunity to become a multimillionaire. Just get a great education from a reputable institution and work sixteen hours a day and the riches will flow like an endless river of silver.

Here in the real world, no matter how hard a person works or how much education the individual obtains; without opportunity talent can easily go unnoticed. Moreover, the truth is everyone is not going to be invited to the “ball”. There is a social hierarchy that is cultivated and protected by a privileged few and their status must be maintained at all costs. Average people are the pawns in their game and they pick and choose who gets to go through the door.

While it is true that some who are artistically and athletically gifted achieve great fame and fortune; in the end most of these selected few wind up back in the poorhouse where they began-for wealth is never lost it is merely transferred. Similarly, Wall Street is a gambling house where the middleclass enters at their own risks. And like Las Vegas the odds are stacked in the house’s (the richest stockholders) favor. Therefore the mark (investor) always loses in the endgame and the thieves of Baghdad (major players) increase their hoard.

Politicians are like stockbrokers, they serve as the negotiators of the aristocrats. Their job is to sell the public a donkey and convince us we bought a rare breed stallion. And since we only have two sellers to choose from, we purchase our prepackaged ideals from one of the two political outlets (Republican and Democrat). Limiting our choices is the simplest way for the wealthiest elite to maintain control under the pretense of law and order.

However, the corporate media conglomerates market and promote the prepackaged political anthems of both political parties. These five conglomerates construct the message and select the messengers to offer two opposing views. Thereby, they claim to be unbiased when the fact remains; they like politicians serve the directors (top one percent) of this cinema. And if people start uniting behind a cause, the media can always stir up racial tensions and religious disagreements to divide our efforts.

Meanwhile, Democrats like to portray themselves as heroes out for social justice. And according to Democrats, big government and liberal justices is the quickest route to Utopia. The Thought Police and Big Brother (George Orwell’s 1984) can magically fix all the past injustices if we only submit to their control (brainwashing). But like Republicans, Democrats serve at the bequest of their masters (the socially affluent). And today what was once viewed as a service, working for the government, has become an avenue for wealth and power for corruptible minds looking to climb “the ladder of the soulless”. Here an individual would betray his or her own mother just to move to the front of the line and these individuals pledge their allegiance to the team (bureaucracy) regardless of how many rules are broken.

The end result is a broken two party system that has gerrymandered districts and restricted third party candidates from participation. Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians sell out their communities for a chance to run as a Republican or Democrat every election cycle. Native Americans and People with Disabilities are for the most part locked out of the political process. Some who may have started out with good intentions soon find that party loyalty is more important than individual integrity. If an elected Republican or Democrat wants to continue his or her political career, he or she will submit to the will of their political order. Otherwise their funding will be cut-off, their media support will disappear, and another candidate will take their place on the ballot. Thus, the idea of changing either party from the inside is poison drunken by a fool and the Tea Party’s cup runneth over.

Nonetheless, there is a solution to every problem if we are willing to go beyond the prescribed remedies of the “powerbrokers of hypocrisy”. If 30 million Americans, less than one tenth of our population contributed $10 a month to a new political party; in six years our political system would forever be changed. Now if 3 million Americans invested just $10,000 each, they could purchase the majority of the corporate media conglomerates assets or they could start a new corporate media giant. By pooling our resources, we could regain a voice for the voiceless and end the shell game of their (monopoly of the rich) “divide and conquer” deceptive propaganda. And this is how the American people can unite for the common purpose of “reclaiming hope”.

Our destiny is determined by our actions and reactions to the challenges that life bestows upon us. In my experience complaining about a problem has never produced a solution. Life is hard and changing direction requires more than a slight turn of the wheel. Even so, if we want to dismount this red and blue merry-go-round of unscrupulous drones; we must unplug its power source.

I’m listening Thomaston, what do you think?