Chase ends with suspect tackled, car rolling into house

Larry Stanford Editor

August 23, 2013

A Thomaston man with a past history of attempting to run on foot from police tried it again Friday afternoon, but the chase ended with him being arrested and taken to jail.

According to Thomaston Police Investigator Phillip Tobin, Officer Bobby Ellington was doing a seatbelt checkpoint on Parkway Drive, just before Edgewood, about 3 p.m. Friday when Jarreau C. Walker pulled up in an old Buick and not wearing his seatbelt. Ellington requested assistance and was writing a seatbelt citation when Tobin arrived.

Tobin recognized Walker and was telling Ellington that Walker had a penchant for trying to run from officers on foot when a tractor-trailer passed by. As the truck passed, Tobin said Walker put the car in drive and took off. Tobin and Ellington gave chase as Walker turned onto North Main Street. Tobin said Walker bailed out of the still moving car and ran toward the water tower before turning and running in the front door of his grandmother’s apartment at 101 Willow Tree Apartments. His grandmother is identified as Ora Bell Wallace.

Walker’s car continued on down the street a little way before jumping the curb and crashing into the front porch of 423 Willow Tree Apartments. No one was injured in the incident.

Meanwhile, Walker ran through his grandmother’s apartment and out the back door, where Tobin and Ellington tackled him and brought him down. He has been charged with a number of driving violations.