URMC saved his life

August 16, 2013

Dear Editor,

On Tuesday, July 30, my husband and I were at Home Depot when he said, “I don’t feel good. I’m going to the car.” When I got to the car a few minutes later, he was in a lot of pain and holding his chest, sweating and pale.

If you were stopped at the Silvertown red light that day, you saw us go through, blowing my horn. I had made sure no traffic was coming on the green light. When we got to URMC, I went to the ER door and said, “I need help. My husband is having bad chest pains.” He was put in a room and this is where nurse Kelly Lowe took over. She said, “We have to move him.” They then rushed him to another room with heart equipment. The doctor came in and gave him a shot to ease the pain and started an I.V. A few minutes later, his pain was back and Kelly called for the doctor and she administered another shot to stop the pain.

He was transported by ambulance to Macon Medical Center, which has his records of bypass surgery 16 years ago. They found his heart was beating too fast (V-Tach) and it is a very serious condition that can lead to heart attack or death. A pacemaker/defibilator was implanted and to date, he is doing good.

Every doctor and nurse we spoke to told us URMC saved his life and they had never seen a EKG reading like his. Everyone at URMC was very good at seeing to his needs so quickly, but a special THANK YOU to Kelly Lowe, who knew what to do, and did it!

My only suggestion to URMC is, when someone comes in with chest pains, don’t stop them at the desk to get consent forms for treatment. Please let them go back right then and begin treatment. I could have signed these in the ER room,

We are grateful and thankful to a loving God and those He allowed to help save Bobby’s life!


Helen Edmondson