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To the Editor:If the words “Global Thomaston” sound like an oxymoron to you, you wouldn’t be alone. The old mill, the art-deco theatre, the stuck-in-time courthouse, and our good ole fashioned please-and-thank-you attitude (what Wikipedia calls our slow-paced southern charm) all make it a little difficult to think of Thomaston as the center of a cosmopolitan makeover.

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Abuses of power need to stop

On Wednesday we took 54 cases to the grand jury in Fayette County. One of the grand jurors told me about a scam somebody attempted on her. I think I have discussed this particular scam before, but it won’t hurt to touch on it again.She said a caller claimed that she had missed grand jury and needed to pay a fine. The caller was very convincing. He knew the name of the Clerk of Court. He knew the judge that is presiding over this grand jury.The caller said that she ...

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This is the way it is supposed to be

I just got off the phone with my daughter. I listened while she shared the joys and challenges that young mothers go through. She is a strong woman; protective of her boys and will never let anyone walk over her. That’s good as she is NASA’s Life Support engineer. I thought, “This is the way it is supposed to be, raising your children to be independent gradually, and then they are gone, raising their own children.” Now my oldest daughter goes to soccer games, school ac...

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Finding honor in sports

Every summer, many of the different churches, congregations, and small communities form youth softball teams for a big tournament. It is a big event. But the year when I was 14, there was an abundance of young men in my small, rural community. The older boys decided that they didn’t want us younger boys playing with them.“You insist that everyone gets to play,” David, the leader of the older boys, said to the community leaders. “The younger boys are no good ...

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Thank you Randy Coggin!

I’m about to lose my Chief Assistant District Attorney.At the end of August, Randy Coggin will retire.If you know Randy, you understand what a blow that will be to me.Sure, Randy has his faults. For one thing, he’s an Auburn fan. He clutters his office with tacky War Eagle items and wears orange and blue shirts. I haven’t confirmed this, but the rumor is that he has one of those striped tiger tails streaming from the back of his car trunk....

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Who is your favorite college football team?

I’m now the proud owner of two Georgia Tech ballcaps. I’ve always wanted them, but it wasn’t until recently that I found a hat store online that has the fitted hats in the size I need. They are both “old-school” with the curved bills. One is dark blue with a gold GT in front, and the other is golden yellow with a Yellow Jacket on the front. You can see me wearing them, usually turned around backwards, anywhere I’m outside taking photos.Despite ha...

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Relearning good habits

The cold winter, followed by spring monsoons, teamed up to help me form some new habits. Had they been good ones, I would be as happy as a clam in a gin and tonic, but the habits I developed were only suitable for slugs.The habit of walking each morning was the first casualty, but the list is long and slothful.At first, I couldn’t tell a difference in the way I felt, but then I began to realize my energy level was down, and my belt seemed to be shrinking. My guitar...

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Do _______ value life less than we do?

During the Vietnam War, my mother, an otherwise sweet and compassionate person, said “they” (Vietnamese) don’t value human life like we do, suggesting that I be more comfortable killing them. I never was comfortable with the idea of killing them, and so I didn’t.However, I still hear some people say that an “enemy” doesn’t value human life like we do. Over the years, the enemy changes, but the refrain is the same: some people on “our&...

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And a little child shall lead them

I have said many times before, my favorite part of this job is getting to meet interesting people and share their stories with our readers and that is a fact that remains true to this day. In the past five years, I have had the pleasure of interviewing many wonderful members of this community, who through events in their lives have sometimes made me laugh, sometimes made me cry and often restored my faith in humanity. Even once the interviews are over and the articles are written, I am able t...

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What Ray Rice teaches us about civilization

The public outcry over Roger Goodell’s failure to adequately punish NFL running back Ray Rice for knocking out his girlfriend in an Atlantic City hotel elevator is an encouraging sign that some vestige of civilization remains. It has been heartening to hear from talking heads that even in 2014 some things are still not tolerable. And, that one of those intolerable things is a man hitting a woman.

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Splitting the circut doesn’t change my job

People are talking again about splitting the circuit.This comes up every once in awhile.In case you don’t know, there are 159 counties in Georgia, but only 49 judicial circuits. There is a district attorney’s office and a public defender’s office for each of those circuits. And, of course, there are judges and the number of those judges varies from circuit to circuit.So, most of the circuits are comprised of more than one county. One has eigh...

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Karoake singing is fun for everyone

I love karaoke singing. I got started doing it about nine years ago, after a friend in a bar dared me to get up and sing. My first karaoke song – ‘Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)’ by Big & Rich. Since then, I’ve sung probably hundreds of songs in all different genres.I’ve been singing most of my life, but usually just in church and school. I started out in children’s choir in church, moved up to junior choir, youth choir, and eventually the adult ch...

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‘California Dreaming’ is stuck in my head

Have you ever had a song to stick in your mind like a sonic tattoo? The other morning when stepping out to feed the chickens, the grass was so thick with dew that my shoes looked as if I’d waded in a creek.After filling the feeders with cracked corn and laying mash, I walked over to the fence to survey the morning sky. I stood there a long time lost in thought, when I realized I was humming the tune to “California Dreaming.” I hummed or whistled it all day long....

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A logical answer

I was walking down the hall to my office when I heard someone call my name. I turned and saw a young couple coming quickly toward me. As they came closer, I recognized them. They had been my students a couple of years earlier. They had worked in the same group, and I thought they kind of liked each other. As they hurried toward me, hand in hand, it was quite obvious I was right.When they reached me, Pamela blurted out, “Professor Howard, do you remember us?”I...

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Penny ponders: Personalities and pets

Even short weekend vacations leave us to decide what to do with the animals. The animals: two dogs, one cat, and one goldfish. The two dogs have their own vacation; they are boarded at their favorite place. The cat, Sallie, and Goldie, the goldfish, were given lots of attention (well, maybe Sallie was) by a friend who fed, petted and even watched T.V. with Sallie snuggled on her lap; her kitty arm hugging her foster human. (Face it; there is only so much attention you can show a goldfish.) Ho...

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