The new paint job

The little white house down the street was old and the paint was peeling. The owner had put on a light green tin roof many years ago, but he had never done much more to fix it up. We were excited when a new family bought it, and they decided to renovate it.One of the first things they wanted to do was to paint the outside. Because the paint on the exterior was worn and ragged, they spent many days scraping and brushing the sides of the house. They then put on the primer. I told my ...

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We need Facetime protocol

I’m sure you have heard of Facetime.Just in case you are even more technologically challenged than I am, Facetime is a fulfillment of the Dick Tracy watch that made phone calls that allowed you to see the person you were talking with. I think the Jetsons had something like that, too.By the way, why aren’t we all zooming around in those flying saucer cars like George Jetson had?But, back to Facetime. It sounds like a great idea. You call somebody on...

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‘I can see clearly now…’ with glasses on

A new school year will soon be upon us and bring with it all the anxieties that only school can bring. One anxiety which will likely bring the most stress for students will be the exams they will encounter over the next nine months. While we all know cheating is wrong, it can be tempting to take the easy way out and copy someone else’s answers, especially if you forgot to study the night before. While in school I always tried to do my best on tests and accepted my fate if I did not know...

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Medicine for the soul

I learned a long time ago that this business can affect your perspective of the world.When I was in law school I received class credit for prosecuting cases one semester. So, they sent me to traffic court. There were about 50 cases. All of them involved driving offenses. Most were minor, but there were enough tragedies to make me jumpy and overly cautious as I drove home.A few years later I noticed how juvenile crimes tainted the impression that a few law enforcement off...

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A bowl with a hole’s story

There’s an old saying, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” As I look around our home, many people would say most of our things fall into the junk category, and that would probably be true, if it weren’t for the stories behind them.There’s a plant in the corner of our deck that we’ve had as long as we’ve been married. Jilda’s mom gave it to her, but her mom got it from Jilda’s grandmother Mammie. It’s ca...

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Sleeping my way to $10 million

I’ll admit – I love to sleep. It is one of my favorite activities of the night (and day). I can sleep just about anywhere – in the office, at a government meeting, at a ballgame, at a fireworks show, at a concert – and in just about any position – laying down, sitting up, even standing. My balance isn’t good enough for me to sleep standing straight up without any assistance, but let me lean against a wall and give me a few seconds with my eyes closed and I ...

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Unexpected photos are often the best

I’ve always liked taking photographs, although it wasn’t until I started working for newspapers that I really got into it. Prior to that, I was the Instamatic guy, using whatever relatively cheap camera was available to get the pictures I wanted.But when I was hired as a part-time sports reporter at The Henry Herald in 1985, the Sports Editor, Brad Ashmore, took me under his wing and showed me how to get the best photos. And we used lots of film to do it. Brad used seve...

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It’s the simple things that matter the most

The end of the semester was busy with students complaining about their grades and wanting to know if there was any way they could make up for their lack of diligence during the semester. I was feeling quite tired and sat down in my office chair to rest.That was when I noticed an envelope that had been slipped under my door. I picked it up, opened it, and a letter fell out. I started to read.“Dear Professor Howard, I am Richard Hampton. It has been a couple of years...

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A case of mistaken identity

In any criminal trial, at some point a witness has to identify the defendant sitting in court as the person who committed the crime. It is an essential element that must be proved.That usually provokes a familiar argument. The defense lawyer makes a point that resonates with all of us.“Have you ever encountered somebody on a sidewalk or in a store and mistook them for somebody else?”Of course, we all have. You know the drill.You see somebody approa...

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Learning To Love And Respect Our Flag

Some of the older men in our community felt we scouts were not performing our responsibilities in handling the flag as respectfully as we should. Therefore, just before the Fourth of July, we found ourselves in a meeting where a gentleman had been invited to talk to us about it.“Great!” Lenny quipped, looking at the man who was waiting for his turn to speak. “Just what I wanted to be doing on a Tuesday night. Sitting around and listening to some old guy I don̵...

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Happy Birthday America!

Today marks the 238th birthday of the United States of America and what a birthday party our nation will have. All across the continent people will be having cook-outs, pool parties, and concerts then closing out the day with spectacular fireworks lighting up the night sky. It offers so many opportunities for fun that it could easily make most of us jealous that our own birthdays are not celebrated in the same fashion.

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Oppose government regulating water on private land

To the Editor:On April 21, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) published a proposal in the Federal Register that would greatly expand the authority of the federal government to regulate water and wet areas on private property.Upson County Farm Bureau believes this proposed rule goes too far. This rule affects everyone who owns property, not just farmers. We urge all property owners to submit comments to EPA telling ...

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The new paint job

The little white house down the street was old and the...

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